Hi, I'm Brandon, the better half of this podcast #brandonisalwaysright

I'm married to Shannon, who is the original snake oil salesmen in our household.  We are both in the Army and have five kids under four who do not bring us coffee in bed...yet #goals.  Chelsea forced her way into our life about three years ago and quickly became my best friend/sister/marriage counselor.  Shan and I are obviously way too deep into this to quit, so why not just dive deeper, #amiright?

I love working in the background with Shan and Chelsea to develop new business ideas to help their teams achieve their highest potential.  In fact, I love it so much I am getting out of the Army to pursue this business full time and make some hilarious episodes for y'all.  Young Living has offered our family an opportunity to fulfill some crazy dreams, and I hope we can be a part of your oil journey as you fulfill yours one episode at a time!



Hey! Hiiiiiiii! I’m Chelsea.

An only child (therefore #perfect #askmymomma) from Texas. I’m married to David who is the sandbag to my hot air balloon. (He says I'm his favorite bag of hot air ::eye roll::). I’m the momma to my two small adults “The e’s” who make me coffee in the morning and tell me if I match respectively. I’m a bestie/sister type to Brandon who is seriously not as fun as me but he tries valiantly. It’s ok, I'm enough fun for all of us.

I drive like Jeff Gordon and can literally speak to anyone about anything but usually about how cute their shoes are. I’m at my best when I have three million ideas at once that I can pass off to my assistant machine gun style usually in the middle of the night. (Thanks, Kara!) I’ve never milked a cow but I’m pretty sure I could dominate it. And I can justify my need to purchase something at any moment within a blink of an eye.

My friends say I can make normal things extraordinary. I have a great sense of style as evidenced from my elevator selfies (#elvies) That honey badger attitude doh. My realness is real. But never my singing voice. Ever.

But what I know sets me apart the most is my uncanny ability to figure out what makes people tick. I can take apart a person the way nerds can take apart a computer and put them back together with a passion in their heart like they never knew they could have. I love setting people on fire!!

Oh and I can literally make anyone snort with laughter at any time if I want to. #tryme